Who We Help

We help all first responders, their family members, youth service professionals, at risk young adults and Carers

Dare To Live aims to address some of the issues and challenges these groups may face, such as depression, anger, anxiety, stress and social exclusion due to their challenging life experiences. We also recognise the difficulties faced by those supporting these vulnerable groups, eg. professionals, carers and family members.

Participants are able to realise their own value and unique significance – this is often the key that unlocks the potential to successful transition into civilian/community/family life.

We actively work according to the criteria of the Armed Forces Covenant in terms of supporting the reintegration of ex-service personnel to civilian life by advocating and signposting employment opportunities and community resources.

Dare to Live works with integrated teams/services to best support the needs of at risk young adults, involving referrers/agencies/charities to co-create programmes of systemic, positive change that are safe and sustainable.

Case Studies

Teresa Mallia - Lance Corporal

Teresa Mallia

Lance Corporal

Teresa struggled to deal with stress and explains how Dare to Live has helped.

“The military can be a harsh environment and is not the place to show weakness. So I manned up and coped by hiding my lack of confidence. This lack of confidence has held me back and comes out in all its glory when I’m placed under too much stress as I just tend to fall apart”

“Dare to Live was a truly humbling experience and has given me some great life coping skills”

Adam - Ex-Soldier



Adam left the Army soon after he finished his deployment in Iraq but was haunted by his experiences and has suffered severe PTSD that is easier to manage since interacting with the horses.

“The signs began at work, at the job I was doing after I left the Army – aggression, depression and non-concentration. You get flashbacks. You do your day’s graft at work, and at night you go to bed and you’re exhausted by the morning because all night you’ve just done a patrol or whatever. It’s draining”

“I have never been a horse person, but this brings you out of that depression and loss, and shows you that all is not lost”

Andy - Former Army Air Corps helicopter pilot


Former Army Air Corps helicopter pilot

“I know of no cure for PTSD, therefore I must rely upon developing coping mechanisms to help me through. That is exactly what Dare To Live does, and has done for me. It is a helping hand that has enabled me to be better placed to cope when I need to most”