What We Do

The Dare to Live Trust is a cutting edge, Trauma-Informed education and life skills programme that aims to improve the wellbeing and ease the challenges that servicemen and women experience as they transition into civilian life and young people experience as they transition into adult life. We support frontline NHS workers and first responders to respond and adapt to the incredible challenges they are facing in the workplace due to Covid 19.
We support these groups with Trauma Transition; which means finding a new purpose and direction for their lives and new adaptive skills to enable a sense of safety and wellbeing.

1 in 5 veterans develop significant mental health issues, alcohol misuse, social exclusion and involvement in the criminal justice system.

Professor Hacker Hughes Military Veterans and Family Studies; Veterans World 2013


Understand the value of self-knowledge and self-awareness for a successful life.

“The programme has had a massive impact. I can now relax and go with the flow”



Experience the constructive impact of positive interpersonal relationship skills.

“I am now better able to manage my emotions and have better relationships”



Integrate past experiences for a meaningful future and a new life purpose.

“I now have something positive to aim towards with an active goal”