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By Mary-Joy Johnson

I know when I go to the fields, when I go to the horses, I am as close to the meaning of this poem as I could possibly be. 

​​Healing and regeneration are processes of positive change, within a responsive and dynamic system. Human health, in physiological and psychological terms, requires a certain dynamism to allow growth through change, challenge and response to disturbance or damage.

Speaking of disturbance and damage. 2020. 2021. Wow. Is everyone ok? (I just need to say that, in print!)


I am sure many of you reading this will have had a very difficult year (and beyond). The need to take stock and to recalibrate, to ‘regenerate’, will not be lost on you. However it can also feel like a burden. To ‘effort’ when you are exhausted and depleted is not the way forward, or certainly not always the first step…

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Article written for Equine Leadership by Mary-Joy Johnson on behalf of Wildways Therapy and The Dare to Live Trust.